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Master Bullard now head of Memphis Martial Arts Center

Former head of Memphis Martial Arts Center Moe Denbow has retired from teaching professionally. Effective October 1, 2001, Master Bullard is the new head of the school.

New location!

Effective June 1, 2011 we became a part of Memphis Martial Arts Center, 2543 Broad Ave, in Memphis, TN.

Master Bullard now certified to teach Wild Goose Qi Gong

Master Bullard received his instructor's certification to teach Wild Goose Qi Gong from Master Shane Lear. after the seminar in Nashville the weekend of March 5-6, 2011.

Wild Goose Seminar in Nashville 3/5-6

Master Bullard will be one of the assistant instructors at the Wild Goose Qi Gong seminar in Nashville, TN. The seminar will be hosted by Cooper Karate & Jujutsu Center and will feature Master Shane Lear.

Students honored by Grandmaster Dillman

Master Bullard and several of his students were at the DKI seminar in Nashville, TN the weekend of October 23, 2010. They were honored by Grandmaster Dillman for their extreme dedication and hard work through their recent loss of the building which had been their dojo.

Master Bullard in Albany, NY

Master Bullard taught an introductory seminar in Albany, NY the weekend of Friday, Sept 16, 2010. Topics included pressure point basics, introduction to Elemental Theory, and starting to view forms as something beyond the level of a middle-school physical education course.

Master Bullard at Ali Training Camp

Master Bullard was one of the instructors at the weekend-long DKI "Summer Camp" at the Mohammed Ali training Camp, Memorial Day weekend, 2010. Topics included a new interpretation (bunkai) of a portion of Seiuchin kata, three different fist positions and the reasons for using each, and ways to significantly enhance the effectiveness of a basic punch.

Sensei Bullard promoted to Master!

At the July 2008 DKI SummerCamp in Indianapolis, Sensei Bullard was promoted to the rank of Master (4th Degree Black Belt).

Instructor Bio - Master Clifton Bullard

Master Clifton Bullard began his martial arts training in 1984 at the University of Mississippi's Isshinryu Karate Club under Sensei Robert Holly.

After moving to Memphis, TN in 1986, he studied at the Golden Talon Kung Fu school under Sifu William Vardeman and was awarded both his black sash and his Sifu certification in 1991.

In 1994 he attended his first pressure point seminar, taught by Eli McCoy of Milan, TN. This caused him to realize that there was a much deeper level of knowledge which he hadn't seen before, and he began studying Kempo and Aikido under one of Master McCoy's students, Gary Chase of Memphis Aiki-kai. He was awarded his first-degree black belt for Ryukyu Kempo in 2001.

In 2003 Master Bullard moved to Nashville, TN where he continued his Ryukyu Kempo training with Steve Cooper of Cooper Karate and Jujutsu Center. Under Master Cooper he climbed to the rank of third-degree black belt.

In 2007, Master Bullard moved back to Memphis, TN where he works as a computer programmer. He resumed his Ryukyu Kempo training with Master Chase and in July, 2008 was promoted to the rank of Master (fourth-degree black belt).

In addition to continuing his Kempo training, in 2011 Master Bullard also received his instructor's certification for Wild Goose Qi Gong.

Master Bullard is proud to be an affiliate of Dillman Karate International.